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        "I made a goal...to invent something that brings joy to millions of beings."


        Thank you for visiting my site. It took me a lot of courage to open this store! 

        I’m the youngest of eight, and when my older siblings were away at college, I would write them letters filled with goofy drawings. I remember my goal was to make them smile and laugh! (And to not forget about me, as they ventured out into their newly independent life.) 

        When I was 19, a boyfriend made fun of one of my drawings. He was pretty ruthless about it. I can still recall the feeling of shame that ran through my body! Instead of having the confidence to tell him to go take a hike, I stopped drawing… For 30 years 

        So in my many years of graphic design, I would always marvel at the talent and courage of illustrators that I would hire, secretly wishing I was like them. I even placed an Illustration manual under my computer, hoping it was true that I could somehow absorb the energy of it into my life. What a powerful exercise THAT turned out to be!

        Then I became a coach in a manifesting group with Law of Attraction expert Andy Dooley. In this group, I got the help I needed to become more of who I really am - and I am forever grateful. I committed to drawing a little doodle each day, and share it with the group (scary). This is how I began finding my creative voice. And I discovered that my art still made people smile and laugh - Phew!

        A couple years ago, I made a goal in a workshop to invent something that brings joy to millions of beings. I’m not sure yet how that will come about, but I do know that sharing my art with others is a step in that direction. 

        I am also a professional healer, and I doodle before all of my sessions. This is when the angel drawings seem to literally flow out of me. When I draw, I feel brave, more connected to me. I believe when we create, it’s our true self coming out - our soul, our spirit. 

        I hope you feel the joy and smiles that seem to come out of my art, for that is my goal. Imagine wearing this art, and bringing smiles to all the strangers that you pass! The more smiles we can get out there, the more it will help heal our beautiful and sacred planet earth and all of its beings.

        I love you guys so much. Monica